We can work together and help our clients have a much better experience!

Oh no, another estate agency? Why should I care?

We believe that together, we can achieve more! We want to change this market for the better and work with all Real Estate Professionals.

Our promise to you:

  • We’ll never do anything shady.
  • We won’t steal your clients or properties.
  • We’ll do the right thing. Always.

How are you guys different?

Well, for starters, we’re taking the whole honesty and integrity thing to the next level. We’re not here to steal your clients, go behind your back, screw you over or anything else backhanded.

Let’s work together and make our clients happy?

Do you collaborate?

If the property reference number starts (or ends) with a “D” then YUP!

We’ll work with anyone, 50/50. It’s only fair!

If it starts (or ends) with a “C” it’s through a collaborator, not everyone likes to share so it’ll be case by case. Just call us ?

I have a client who wants to see one of your homes.

Great! We’ll try and make you look like a rockstar to your client too!

We’re talking great service and quick responses.

Let’s work together and make your client super happy! As long as we have the home direct we’ll happily split the commission 50/50.

Can I market any of your properties?

As long as the property has a reference number starting (or ending) with “D”, sure!

The only thing we ask is that you come see the property with us (just send us a note and we’ll schedule it in). It’s hard to sell something that you’ve never seen!

Otherwise, we’ll split the commission right down the middle.

If the reference number starts (or ends) with a “C” we have them through a collaborator and of course, it’s not up to us. Please don’t market these unless you talk to us first.

You have a buyer for one of my properties?

Our biggest focus is on finding clients who want to buy in Mallorca and we need access to properties.

Let’s make the transaction happen and make the client very happy! We’ll split the commission 50/50.

I'm thinking of doing something shady...

Trust is everything. Just don’t do it, and neither will we.