I want to buy a home, can you help?

Yup! We’ll help you at every step of the way. You can find the exact process here.

I can just inquire about properties directly, why use you?

Great question! We have access to all properties on the island, have an extensive network we leverage for you, and can find the off-market, or even bank deals.

More importantly we’re in your corner to negotiate on your behalf and make sure you don’t buy a massive headache.

What is a buying agent?

A buying agent represents the buyer in a real estate transaction. They search the market for a property that fits their client’s needs, and negotiate on their behalf.

A selling agent (or estate agency) represents the seller of the property and negotiates on the seller’s behalf.

Can you help me with immigration requirements?

We know the frustrations of bureaucratic red tape in Spain firsthand.

We’ll walk you through exactly what you need to do and where necessary can refer some experts to help you through the process.

I found a great home, but it needs some work, can you help?

We’ve partnered with some fantastic builders, architects, project managers and tradespeople. You name it, we can guide you through the entire process of reforming.

I'm looking for an income property, can you help?

It’s one of our specialties! The rental laws have changed in recent years and many areas prohibit short term rentals (such as AirBNB).

We’ll discuss all possible options with you and advise what you can do and where.

Is it safe to buy a home in Spain?

As long as you take the right precautions, buying a holiday home in Spain can be a stress free and safe process.

The important thing is to get guidance from someone you trust and who has your best interest at heart.

Can you help me arrange a mortgage?

Absolutely! We’ll guide you through arranging a mortgage and advise you of any tax implications.

Even if you have the funds to purchase your home it may still make sense to have a mortgage for tax reasons.

I'm exchanging currency from my country, what do I need to know?

In some cases, using your bank can be very costly! As high as thousands in fees and exchange rates.

There are better options available and we’ll discuss it in our initial consultation.


I want to sell a home, why should I use you?

Look, we get it. Most estate agencies will simply put your home on their website and hope for the best.

We take the marketing of your home to a whole other level. Let’s get in touch and we’ll show you exactly how.

How many estate agencies should I list my home with?

Listing your home with too many estate agents will actually hurt your chances of selling your home. Before you make any commitments ask the agency exactly what they’re going to do to market your home (not just putting it on their website).

I want a billion Euros for my home! Help me sell it?

Pricing your home too high at the beginning will often backfire and you’ll make less money in the long run plus will take much longer to sell.

Get the advice of a professional and make sure they have a solid marketing plan.